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The Goal: Timeless, unending truth. Enduring principles.Growth through the seasons in life. Honest examples of the real Christian life struggles. Authentic journey revelations.

What should you come here for?
Living the Christian life in a real, honest manner. Not perfection, but striving for growth. I’ll be sharing life as honestly as I can to encourage others that we are on a continual journey to grow. Sharing my thoughts, life, and journey with Christ has weighed on my heart for years. As a step in faith, I am finally committing to share honestly and openly about my life.

Our Little Family
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Who am I?
My name is Danielle Barker! I spend my days working at my church with the volunteers that make the Sunday experiences flawless for our attendees. My husband and I have been married for 2 years, and welcomed our first child into the world January 2017! He is training to become a police officer and works as a butcher to pay the bills until he is placed. We have a dog named Ronan who is a tad spoiled and keeps our lives interesting. In our free time, we enjoy being outdoors to hike, backpack, and rock climb. Spending time with our family and maintaining meaningful relationships with friends are things we find ourselves fighting to make time for, but make up a vital part of who we are. On the rare occasions that we find ourselves with no plans, we value the free time to lounge and mindlessly watch TV while we discuss our hopes and dreams (or fall asleep on the couch!).

When will I post?
These are the general topics to look out for in my posts.
Monday: Growth (resources, challenging thoughts, insights)
Wednesday: Marriage (marital issues, the Christian wife, love)
Friday: Life (family, fun things, events, holidays, church, anything in-between)