A Not-So-Brief Hiatus: Life with a Baby

Four months have passed since my last post. Four months that include the last few months of my pregnancy along with the first two months of our daughter’s life. Four months seems so long, but looking back they flew by.

I’ve learned an immense amount about myself and life in general across the past four months. It was not part of my plan to stop writing, however looking back I can see where it may have been God’s plan to teach me before I continued on sharing with others. He laid a new outlook that comes with becoming a parent on me, along with enlightenment during six weeks spent mostly alone while I was home with my daughter. Silence around me provided the clarity I needed to hear Him.

I would encourage you to take a break from your normal life sometime soon to see what He may want to show you. We fill our lives with distractions and mundane routines, all of hiatuswhich can pull our attention from hearing our Father. Even when we are intentionality setting aside time for prayer and communication with him, the very act of “scheduling” the time may subconsciously distract us from truly hearing.

But how do we take a break when we can’t afford a vacation, or any time off of work, and our other responsibilities can’t be left behind? Change up our routine for a few days. Sign off of all social media for a week. Turn off the notification sounds on our phones so we can stop checking our email every time it sounds off. Realize what things we put as top priority by our actions. Simply changing up the small parts of our routine can begin to open us up to Him. Then we can begin taking larger steps like eating dinner at the table as a family, or turning off the TV after one episode of our favorite binge-watching show. Intentionally clearing the distraction and simplifying our lives takes work, all of which leads up to real-time spent with God.

God can choose to make us hear Him. He is all-powerful and can derail our lives to get our attention. But he gives us free will to act as we will. He hopes for our obedience and commitment to Him. He uses our mistakes to correct us back onto the path he laid for us. We are not forced to do anything, but we are expected to obey Him. However easily it may be to slip into more comfortable or less challenging ways, we are called to follow our Father. Jesus Christ came to make us free to do good works until we come to the Father.

Here is the question: What are you willing to disrupt in your own life to hear what God would tell you?

Are you brave enough, obedient enough, and convicted enough? What are you holding to that would keep you from His will? Do you realize that those things are the idols we are instructed not to have?

For me, it involved an entire life change as our daughter came into the world (on her due date no less!). The multitude of things I would think on and accomplish in a day came to a halt on the morning I went into labor, and I haven’t picked many of them back up. Those things that remain are not bad and its unlikely that they will stay there forever. But for now this is what my life requires. That’s ok. For now I will focus on what I have on my plate, I will hold my baby girl tighter, and I will hear what God wants me to.


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