Dear Christian Woman

Dear Weary Christian Woman,

Today you woke up and felt weighted down from the world. You were up late with a million thoughts in your head, and the alarm went off far too early. Now you are fumbling to get ready, fixing your hair so it doesn’t frizz, covering your face with make up, and perhaps drinking an extra strong cup of coffee to prepare for the new day’s onslaught. Right now, you can’t think on the days you’ve had when the mornings seem full of possibility and promises from God. Tomorrow you may wake up with His grace in your heart and a full cup to pour out into the world around you. But today, it will be all you have to give to be present and pleasant to those you interact with.

Dear Cheerful Christian Woman,

This morning you woke up singing God’s praises as you threw open the curtains onto the sunshine. You gleefully made yourself up and drank your first full cup of water of the day. Sitting down with God’s word filled you with hope and are happily making your way to work where you will be a shining light for all around you. Today you are grateful for all of your blessings and your worries are nothing that God can’t handle. Tomorrow could hold new troubles, but today you know that He holds you in the palm of His hand.

Dear Christian Woman

Each of us become these women. We have days that rejuvenate us and feel as though we could face any battle that comes our way. But we also have days that are difficult to face, when even God’s promises seem distant from us. We all have struggles and praises.

Know that you are strong enough, doing enough, and He has your back. If you are living you life the way He calls upon us to and spending your days praising His name, there is no greater power you could hope for. Our Father will send his angel armies and be a strong tower over us.

Seasons are a part of our lives. Nothing stays the same and seasons never last forever. A section of the Bible addresses that appropriateness of experiencing both sides of every season in Ecclesiastes 3:1-8. We must be willing to allow God to work in our hearts during the hard times and continue praising during the good times.

When life feels barely manageable and you are frustrated with the distance you may feel with God, take time to pause to connect with Him. Reach out for Him because he is reaching down for you. Allow Him to fill you up and pull you into His arms.

But be careful that you don’t forget to take time with Him when life is on the upswing. You may find it difficult to stop in the midst of your happiness to thank Him, but it is crucial to communicate gratefulness to our Heavenly Father. He created us loves us. He wants to give us everything. He created made this world for us specifically in mind. We could only hurt Him by forgetting to be thankful when our lives are going well.

It’s ok to have a hard day, and it’s ok if your days are incredibly happy. The real importance comes from keeping God in mind and close to your heart at all times.


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