Moving Day

Tomorrow is moving day! We are in the midst of moving boxes, furniture, and anything else we have managed to accumulate in the home we’ve had our names to for 2 years. It is amazing how much we find ourselves with when it comes time to pack it all up in as small a space as possible for transport.

As I was beginning to box up our possessions a month ago, I was struck by how different I was feeling about moving now than I would have a year ago. This time of year last year, we had hopes to move into the first house we would purchase together. It was beautiful, on a few acres complete with a vintage covered bridge across the creek in the front. Who wouldn’t love that?

However, we were quite clearly led away from a house we had fallen in love with. As I look back on that time with what I have experienced over the past year in mind, it is evident that the purchase of that house would have been a step in the wrong direction. Job changes for both my husband and I along with the excitement of anticipating our first child jump to mind first. Had we moved to that lovely house, we would be dealing with a long (and difficult in the winter months) drive down numerous country back roads every single day. We were determined to be purchasing our first home early on in our marriage before job changes and children came along. But what we didn’t realize was that God needed us to have those things happen first so we knew where to be looking and what was realistically an option. Neither of us have the desire for an extravagant house or massive amounts of land to call home, but we still we were looking at an option that was not the right fit for us.

We were caught up, myself in particular, in the dream life we had imagined for ourselves. After our wedding day would come the purchase of the house we would raise our family in, adopt a dog, settle into the jobs we would hold until retiring, and start our family. What a list! I am sure everyone has a dream life that they base their desires off of, and to a point this is not bad. We should have dreams and goals, things that make us excited for the future. The issues arise when you try to force those dreams on your real life and they don’t fit. God yanked us back swiftly from the house purchase while we were in contract, and it was painful to lose what we had begun calling our dream home. How interesting to see that all of the things we desired in a home had suddenly appeared in this house!

Today, we still live in the apartment that my husband had before we married. It has been filled with memories of moving my personal items in after the wedding to bringing our first pet home from the dog shelter. It has been a wonderful home for us, but is now too small for our growing family. We will be moving into a house that family friends rent out. It is larger and more open, which is better suited to our growing family, and the large backyard is fantastic for our year old puppy. A year ago the thought of moving into another house we did not own was disheartening and not in the plans we’d made for ourselves. Now we are excited for the move and looking forward to an extended time in this new home until He leads us to the opportunity to own our own place.

It may seem petty or insignificant, but the dream world we create can put a damper on what we have in real life. This is where we must guard our hearts and minds, training ourselves to see the blessings in every situation. Contentment in the present with hopes and plans for the future create the best atmosphere of happiness and progress in our human hearts. So as we load up the boxes and furniture that we have accumulated (and likely begin wondering how we accumulated the large amount of stuff once tired and hungry), I am anticipating the new memories we will make in this home. I am grateful for the husband, fur baby, and little girl growing in my belly that make up our little family. We are blessed with family and friends who are helping with the move to get us into the new place in a single day. God is good.


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