Dear Husband

As the helpmeet to our husbands, we often take the view on marriage from our own role. We know we are to be submissive to the leadership of our husbands. But what if we shift our focus onto what are husbands are doing and responsible for other than filling the Dear Husbandprescribed role that matches our helper role. We may find a new appreciation for them when looking from a different standpoint than the typical submission role.

It is easy to get caught up in the things others say, what we think they should say, and what doesn’t get done in the midst of a busy life. But I believe showing real appreciation can turn the frustrations of a heart to contentment. I want my husband to know that, while he may be burnt out and ready for a break from his job, I truly appreciate how hard he works at keeping a job and providing. So I’ve written a note that I will be sharing with him this week. His love language is not necessarily words of affirmation, but I feel that he needs to know what I see him in his everyday love of me. It is appreciated and more than enough for me.

Dear Husband,
You are great and you put up with a lot. I am thankful God placed you in my life to balance me out and provide me with guidance when I am making myself insane. There are so many things that I love about you, it is hard to put most into words. You are working hard and consistently to provide for our family, something that is far more sexy than you will ever know. I see how you come home tired from a long day at work, only to jump into your projects at home or serving at church with no grumbling. You cheerfully switch hats and continue on.
When we spend time talking or even zoning out to the tv, I know you are silently enjoying the quality time we are having. I know you don’t need to be cuddled under a cozy blanket in a picture-perfect room to be content with the life you have at home. When you mention how clean the floors are, I know you are appreciating all of the things I have done to keep our home functioning.
I am thankful for the works God has done in your heart and for your willingness to sit at His feet to learn. You are a loving man of God and an amazing example of grace in real life. I have never had to question the direction you are leading our family in because I know you are focused on our God.
Our little baby growing in my belly is going to love you. You will be the bedtime storyteller, built-in playmate, and fun parent every child deserves. Sometimes I secretly hope that we are having a boy, so he can grow up to be sweet and loving just like his daddy. But then again, I don’t know if I could handle two of you!
Thank you for your love. Thank you for being my best friend, the one I can share anything with, and who supports me. We started on this journey together knowing there would be huge life changes along the way, and I can’t imagine anyone else who could take the changes with me as smoothly as you do. I love doing life with you.
Forever and Always,
Your Wife

We aren’t perfect. We are young in our marriage. There are days that I don’t feel myself bursting with love for him as I do at this moment. But he is the one I need, love, and count on to go through this life with. We love a God who has plans for our life that could shake the core of our lives again and again. Knowing that he is steady beside me all of the way is all I need with our eyes on God.

How does this apply to you?

We live in a culture that seems to put more focus on the extravagant things the men in our lives do for us leading up to the wedding, and then spend the rest of our days poking fun at what isn’t done. I want to encourage a culture of women that appreciates the men in our lives, showing the love we have for them simply because they are who they are. I believe that recognition of what is already being done is the best encouragement we can provide to fill the hearts, thus lifting them up to fill the needs we present.

What ways do you step away from the everyday hustle to clearly see how your husband loves and serves? How do you appreciate the little things he does? Let’s chat!


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