The Most Lovely Season: Fall

Before we even begin, I would like to qualify this post with the statement that fall was my favorite season long before pumpkin spice lattes and boots became trendy. I loved spring with all of the blooming flowers, but my allergies moving into summer were always awful. Fall signified school time, football games, and bonfires with my friends and family. Of course, I love wearing my warm sweaters and boots while sipping on a pumpkin spice cappuccino. Today will be designated to all of the reasons why fall needs to arrive as quickly as possible.

  1. The heat has been unreal! It has been an extraordinarily hot summer in Ohio, even more so for a pregnant woman! While I am grateful that I am early in my pregnancy and not nearly due in this heat, I have had no energy to be outside at all. We typically like to be outside hiking and being active, but it has been nearly impossible.
  2. Bonfires. Who doesn’t love sitting around a fire while the air outside is cool enough to warrant snuggling close to your hunny? I could spend nearly every evening of the fall sitting aside a fire with a sweatshirt, blanket tucked around my husband and I.
  3. The Most Lovely SeasonLeaves change color. Likely my favorite part about the fall is the beauty of the trees! It is not a sight that lasts long, but it is a past time my husband and I have taken part in to drive down backroads to find the prettiest views of tree leaf colors. My camera fills up quickly each year with the different shots of colors and variations that we find.
  4. Festivals and fairs. Where I am from, the county fair is incredible-possibly better than the state fair. There are food vendors offering every kind of food you could hope for, animals, concerts, and derbies. The fairgrounds are among the most beautiful in the state. On top of the county fair, we have a Pumpkin festival nearby. An entire event dedicated to pumpkin food and contests over who grows the largest pumpkin is a win in my opinion.
  5. Comfortable clothes. I know that it is not only because I am pregnant that I cannot wait for it to be cool enough out to wear fall clothes. Summer clothes are skimpy, often tight fitted, and awful to wear (that is likely the pregnancy talking). Fall clothes are about being warm, but there are many more ways to be comfortable. Plus, you don’t have to worry about what colors will show if you end up sweaty during the day.
  6. Thanksgiving. Food again. But time with family and a day meant to be centered around actually being grateful for what we have make my heart happy. I enjoy watching the Macy’s Parade and cooking dishes for family meals just like the next person. But what may not be the norm is how I like to spend time meditating in the days leading up to the holiday about the year. It is a time for me to, in theme with the holiday, fully recognize the things I have been blessed with. In a busy life, it can be easy to miss the little things God does for us. This is the time that I use to refocus on His good works in my life, to look forward to the things He will do in the upcoming year, and to prepare my heart for the Christmas season ahead.

It may be cliche, but a season filled with  beautiful scenery, delicious treats, and quality time with loved ones is my favorite. Who wouldn’t love that?


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