Another Heart to Share

Another blog, another young woman speaking her mind for the world to see. In the age of social media and technology, it seems that blogs are a dime a dozen. But each blog Another Heartwritten by a young woman willing to share her heart for Christ with a world full of pain and hurt is a lovely thing! This world does not make it easy on anyone that has a passion; it does not seem to matter if it is the popular opinion or not, the new craze is judging and tearing others down. Here I am to share my take on life as Christian, woman, wife, and soon to be mother.

It can be difficult to keep in perspective what is truly important. Just as we can be distracted if we are not intentional with our focus at work, it is possible to be distracted from the type of person you are growing to be. As a Christian, I continually face the works of the devil as he attempts to pull me away from my relationship with God, utilizing whatever means necessary.

At the core, being a Christian is about keeping my heart and mind focused on Jesus and the gospel. I know that I am called to love people as Jesus did, share the news of His love and grace to all the ends of the earth, and to answer the call gladly whenever it comes. I also know that I am not to judge, hate, or sin. These are my simple charges as a Christian living in the world.

Here in this place I will share real, embarrassingly simple thoughts about life and growth. Sometimes the truths that we learn by need to come from the simplest, most obvious statements. Often times I find myself grasping an enormous revelation not from a fact-heavy theological journal, but rather from the stories and lessons a Christian has bravely written down to share in a book that I picked up at the Christian book store. God works in ways we often are not able to understand, and rarely when we expect Him. But if we knew to anticipate Him, would we be as apt to listen and apply what is asked of us? If you have ever tensed in anticipation of a boss that you knew was coming to give instruction you do not want, or a teacher coming around to lecture on work you have yet to complete, then you will understand my questioning our response to knowing when lessons are coming.

I hope you will join me in pursuing timeless, honest trusts today. This life can be hard, but living with God can make it simple.


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